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Digital E-Care & Social Acumen

Today’s customers expect digital service. But Digital customer care is still new territory for many companies. E-commerce trading is growing exponentially but somehow the customer care side is often left behind in using traditional, higher cost options.

The rapid shift to digital customer care (or e-care) should be good for everyone.  Automation and self-service cuts transaction costs for providers. When e-care is done well, customers prefer it, too. Research backs the fact that customers who use digital channels for service transactions are one-third more satisfied, on average, than those who rely on traditional channels. And since companies that excel in customer satisfaction also tend to create more value for their shareholders, there is even more incentive to get e-care right. E-care is getting more complex to implement. Not only do customers want access to a fully comprehensive range of online service offerings, they also want to access these offerings using a variety of platforms, including both conventional web browsers and a growing pool of mobile devices and expensive to develop, apps. Customers expect their experience to be continuous and consistent as they migrate from one platform to another, but they also want service options that make sense in the context in which they are asking for help.

Finally, customers are getting harder to impress. The rapid rise of high-end global companies such as e.g. Uber, exposes customers to simple, streamlined user experiences designed from the ground up for optimal digital delivery. To offer similar experiences, per channel can be expensive and difficult to meet the same standards. When customers think about the e-care service they receive from their bank or phone company, they don’t compare it with its competitors in the same industry but with the other digital services they use every day. When the online experience doesn’t meet their expectations, customers go back to the phone. As a result, some telecoms companies have seen call-center volumes (and costs) rise as they attempt to move to a digital service model.

Making Digital work:

iChoices excel in developing and delivering digital customer-care services in a variety of online chanels and articulate strong brand offerings across the platforms in a cohesive, planned managed system. Our objectives start with ‘Simplicity’ – intuitive design that requires few mouse clicks or screen touches to achieve the desired task. The main functionalities are easy to find and well explained. The language is concise, simple, and easy to understand. We put in as few ‘thresholds’ as possible in our customer engagements.

Monitoring and engaging:

At iChoices we listen to your customers by monitoring their interactions. Where appropriate, we intercept and ask a lot of questions and this is where analytics comes into play. We capture all of your customer feedback channels & platforms and apply the same high quality standard that is used for calls to text-based interactions like email and chat. We ask your customers what they think of the interactions they have with the brand e.g. “Did it live up to the advertised promise?” We also follow up on getting feedback on customer experience with the brand representative and we use that feedback to help agents improve their skills.