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Growth  |  Outbound & Brand & Business Growth

Brand Growth & Outbound services are provided across a wide platform of options dependent upon the strategy required. Due to the nature of these services provided we generally provide a dedicated team for each individual project. The propriety software and system software is specially designed for each in-house application. This cuts the costs of licensing expensive products and allows us the freedom to alter any application at any time, with little capital outlay required.

Strategy for Growth & Relationship management:

We invest to get to know and understand your business and brand. iChoices advertising and marketing specialists have the inside track on your business through the metrics delivered on from our inbound and outbound services. We produce creative campaigns built for results. We call it ‘stats-driven’ e-marketing. Our campaigns deliver great returns on investment.

Create powerful reach with media neutral strategies:

iChoices have direct access to all the main available media options and metrics, which includes: TV, Radio, Video, OOH, Press & Digital including Mobile & Desktop, Social, Programmatic, Premium, Search and Display. Our social media acumen extends to deciphering social campaign effectiveness so as to deliver ‘on brand’ promise. We extract and analyse texts to provide actionable insights for your brand’s customer perception, competitive position, & campaign effectiveness.

Digital, Automation & Stats-driven online marketing

With over 1 million websites going live daily, consumers are bombarded with ever increasing digital marketing messages, so you want to make sure customers find your brand online, and then that the product delivers on promise and that the user experience has been great. We create slick online user experiences and then develop neutral-media strategies to best find the most cost effective ways to create reach. Our creative base gives us a formidable edge as SEO and creative copywriting and all visual content is created in-house and updated seamlessly.

Creating a following  |  Websites & UX design

Unique content on a site should be a given. But even with advanced SEO, that alone will not drive traffic to your website. We create websites built to deliver high volume traffic as a starting point. Delivering sales, is our end-goal definition of a good digital strategy. Our prime focus is creating a strong online presence and experiences through compelling creative ideas that not only drive traffic to websites, but convert to sales.

Building and Growing Databases of Happy Customers

We create content that builds databases. We then manage the databases. We also build followers in many social media platforms, then interact and engage with the target market, ensuring the market remains positive and loyal to the client’s brands. 24/7 monitoring is essential and we provide accurate reporting and research feedback on a regular basis and always steer the brand for positive outcomes.

Copywriting for your market

One of the biggest needs in marketing is creating ‘selling’ copy that is optimised for online search marketing. Well written copy that fails to address SEO requirement may potentially cause entire online marketing campaigns to fail or be ignored

Our In-House Capabilities;

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Websites & Customisation
  • E-Commerce / Online Shopping
  • UX Design Optimisation
  • Apps Development
  • Content Generation / On-Brand
  • Copywriting / Photography / Design
  • Advanced SEO
  • Digital Media Reach / Online Marketing
  • Analytics & Real-Time Reporting
  • Banners / Chat Bots / AI
  • Branding / Catalogues / Magazines / e-Magazines
  • Advertising Campaigns / Positionings

Benefits include:

  • Real-time and general market insights
  • Higher customer awareness, retention and connectivity
  • Market direct competitive intelligence
  • Product launch tracking
  • Brand reputation enhancement
  • Hands-on & Automated enquiry response
  • Effective campaign execution and management